Dicks Doe Deer
Masturbation has gotten me through a lot. It has a lot of natural benefits as well as just a way to blow off some steam and feel good. And since you're deleting I just want to thank you for sharing your body with me and tumblr. You're a beautiful woman and I wish you the best in life. Thank you.

Kill yourself.

bye faggots. deleting.

I dunno what's wrong,and I won't ask cause I'm sure it's personal,but I hope you feel better. Fall asleep with the thought in mind that I care and tonight I'll be thinking of you and loving you from afar<3. Sleep well sweetheart.

Thank you, this really means a lot to me. Today has been pretty hard on me emotionally and your message made me feel a little better so thank you for that, it’s very much appreciated.

You're beautiful.

Thank you very much

Just going to end up crying myself to sleep like a fucking bitch

I just want to die right now, I don’t know why it’s so hard for things to just remain good. I just want to be happy.

Dear god you're beautiful. I just wish your ears were smaller. No offense. :)

Lol well thank you, no offense taken but there’s no way I’d ever get rid of my big ears hah.